Changing Tables

Changing, Linking and Unlinking Tables

  1. Occasionally, a seated guest would request or need  to move to another table. To make this happen in Table Watch, on the Floor Plan, simply click and drag the guest from the current table to the requested available table and then let go.

  1. The on-screen display will show the transfer, and will also show the guest’s information moved from the current table to the new one.


  1. Sometimes, it happens that a guest has made a reservation for a few people and more show up after the guest’s party has been seated. We might need to provide an additional table or two for this guest. This procedure is called Linking Tables. 

  1. To do this in Table Watch, on the Floor Plan, click on the chain icon, known as the Link icon, on the bottom right menu bar, and after the icon turns red,  drag and drop your guest’s prime table to the table you’d like to link with the reservation. 

  1. The information on the prime table will now show duplicated on the table just linked.This procedure may be repeated as much as needed.

  1. Should it become necessary to unlink a table or tables from the prime table, just click on the data field of the linked table.

  1. When The Quick Edit page comes up on the screen, click on the Link icon on the bottom left menu bar, and the screen goes back to the Floor Plan, wherein the previously linked table now shows unlinked [the information field is no longer there. As with Linking, this procedure may be repeated as necessary.