Online Reservation: Credit Card Option

  1. Setup meal period with credit card requirement
    • Enable the "Require Credit Card" option in the Meal Period set up:
    • Optional: Include an "Online Note" for the required date to associate a charge will be associated with the reservation at a later date:

    • The credit card will be required when booking the online reservation:​​​​
    • Reservation with credit card will be denoted with the blue dollar icon:

  2. Charge the guest:
    • Open the "Reservation Details" window and select the blue dollar icon:

    • Select "New Transaction" from the Billing Profile window (a manager's credentials will be required to proceed):
    • Complete Transaction form and select "Charge Card":
  3. Guest Receipt
    • An email will be sent with the following details:

    • The reservation will reflect the transaction with a green dollar sign icon:

    • Viewing the Reservation Details will also show the total charge is now associated with the reservation:

    • The Billing Profile window will now also show the transaction details: