Add server sections

Add Server Sections


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1. To add a server section, click on the Tools icon.                    



2. This will pull up the Daily Setup: Meal Period "Shift" and Section Management. This is where the restaurant's archive of servers is listed, from which you can select which server to assign to a server section.



3. From the list of servers, you can click a server's name to assign to a section. In this example, let us click the name of server Abby Adams, whose color cue is yellow.        



4. The screen returns to the Floor Plan., Note that a long red tab appears in place of other icons.     




      This is the "Return to Section Setup" tab, which you an click whenever your need to go back to the Server Section Setup.


 5. On the Floor Plan, the tables you click will be assigned to server Abby Adams. As you click each table, it becomes the same color as the server's color cue (yellow). 



 6. These four tables assigned to the server now makes up one server section.



7. To add another section, click the Return to Section Setup tab. 



8.  On the next window, let's select another server from the list, this time, Alan Sams.



9,  When the Floor Plan returns on screen, the tables you click will be assigned to server Alan Sams.  Each table you click will bear that server's color cue, in this case, yellow-green.   




10. Let's add another server section. After clicking Return to Section Setup, let's select another  server by clicking his name.



     The screen returns to the Floor Plan. Then, select the tables you want to assign to the server by clicking them.



The tables you selected will now form another section.



11. Once you're done setting up your server sections, you can click the Return to Section Setup tab, and on Setup window, click "Done"



12. The Return to Section Setup tab disappears from the screen and the normal icons appear.