Making Changes to a Reservation (Updating Information)

Making changes to a Reservation
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1. There are two ways to make changes to a reservation; One way is to click on the guests name in the reservation log on the left hand margin. 


2. Clicking the name will bring up the Quick Edit window where you can make changes to their reservation. 



* notice the several fields and icons that you can edit and make changes to. Some of which include Wait Quote, Table and Status of the reservation.

3.  This example shows you how to change the Party Size. The size is initially set to 11, but it can be changed depending on the amount of guests there are. This example shows how to change the Party Size from 11 to 8.  



4. You can also add a Hint, a hint is just some information about the guest that the staff might find useful. 




5. After you have made the changes, click the save button in the bottom right hand corner. 



6. You will then be redirected to the Floor Plan page and the parties info in the reservation log will be updated. 

* Note, the Hint will appear below the parties name in the reservation log. 


Priority Settings:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Inventory

Optional Settings:

  • Auto-Assign: Let RestaurantConnect choose a table when a reservation is booked.
  • Quick Requests: Reduce repetitive typing with predefined keywords.
  • Auto-Agreement: Trigger a reservation for larger parties.
  • Taken-by: Require a user's name or initials for better operational accountability.
  • Permissions: Enable or restrict user's ability to exceed inventory limits.
  • Tax reservation confirmations & reminders: Enable text communications with guests.
  • Reservation policy: Include in guest communications for reservation confirmations and reminders.