Locking & unlocking slots

Locking and Unlocking Slots
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1. To lock timeslots, click on the lock icon in the left hand margin. 


2. This will pull up the Time Slot window. 



3. You can select the start and end time of the time slot with the menus at the top of the window. 



*In this example I will set the start time to 6 am and the end time to 7am. 



4. You can also add useful notes in the "Note" field for staff members. 



5. When you are done, click on the "lock" button at the bottom right hand side of the window. 



  6. You will be redirected to the Floor Plan page and the locks will appear in the reservation log.



7. If you would like to unlock a time slot, click on the lock icon inside the time slot. 



8. This will open the unlock time slot window.



9. In this window, you can set the start and stop time you would like to unlock. 



*Note, you do not have to unlock each 15-minute increment within a time slot, you can set the start and stop time and all of the increments will unlock.


10. After you enter the Admin's username and password, click on the blue "Unlock" button at the bottom of the window. 



11. You will be redirected to the Floor Plan page and the locks will be removed.



12. You can also create recurring time slots that will automatically lock a time on a specified day. Start by clicking on the lock icon. 



13. Then, in the Lock Time slot window select the "Recurring" button. 



14. Then, click on the "Lock" button to save your changes. 



15. You will be redirected to the Floor Plan page and the specified times will be locked every day that you set them to be. 



16. To check if your lock is recurring, click on the date field in the top left hand corner and select the days that you set the lock to reoccur on. 



  17. You should see that on that day, the time that you locked will appear on the left hand side of the page. 



18. To remove a recurring lock, go back to the first date that the recurring lock was set. 



19. Click the lock icon in the time slot. 



20. In the Unlock Time Slot window, select the start and stop times of the time slot you need to unlock. 



21. Then, click on the blue "Unlock" button to save your changes. 



22. You will then be redirected to the Floor Plan and the locked times will be removed. 



23. To check if the lock has been removed, click on the calendar in the top left corner of the page.



24. The reoccurring locked times will be gone for the dates that you had set it recur on. 


Priority Settings:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Inventory

Optional Settings:

  • Auto-Assign: Let RestaurantConnect choose a table when a reservation is booked.
  • Quick Requests: Reduce repetitive typing with predefined keywords.
  • Auto-Agreement: Trigger a reservation for larger parties.
  • Taken-by: Require a user's name or initials for better operational accountability.
  • Permissions: Enable or restrict user's ability to exceed inventory limits.
  • Tax reservation confirmations & reminders: Enable text communications with guests.
  • Reservation policy: Include in guest communications for reservation confirmations and reminders.