TableWatch Icons and Tabs Functions 


1.  Day,Date field, where you can search for the reservations on a particular day/date.It bring up a calendar of the present month from which you can select a date for which you are searching for existing reservations or availability to book reservations.


2.  Meal Period Field, which pulls up the different meal period, i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc, and shows the reservations for that particular day/date.

3.  Wait Quote tab, this is where the wait period in minutes is set. A drop down menu of  5-minute increments pulls up from which you can select the desired period of waiting for a walk-in guest.


4.  Refresh Icon, which refreshes the Table Watch Floor Plan, for updates or changes, e.g.the reservations list


5. Guest-Find Icon, which brings up the Guest-Find screen, where you can search for a guest by filling in their name, and if the guest is in the database, it will in turn bring up that guest’s profile.



6.  Walk-In guest icon, which brings up the Guest Information screen, wherein you can fill in the walk-in guest’s information, and search if he or she had been a previous guest, 

and if not, this creates that walk-in guest’s profile to be stored in your database.


7.  Reservations icon, to search for reservations for the present day/date.


8. The up Arrow icon on the top right corner of TableWatch 

brings up a second menu tray, consisting of:


9. The Service Mode tab, where you can toggled the service mode on or off


10.The Details icon, which brings up the Restaurant’s information on a new window


11. The Inventory icon, which brings up the inventory for the present day/date.


12. The Tools Tab brings up a drop down menu of different tools, consisting of:

13. “Res Search” bring up a small window with which you can search for reservations for that day/date,


14. Guest Find tab brings up another small window with which you can search for a guest’s information


15. Print Reservations tab allows for printing the reservations for that day/date.


16. Settings tab brings up a screen showing various information about the Floor Plan, reservations, etc.


17. Log-Off tab allows you to to log off from TableWatch


18. The Directional tabs allow you to position the Floor Plan on the screen, clicking again on the up Arrow tab brings back the Floor Plan


19. The Link icon, allows you to to link tables [as discussed in another tutorial for Changing, Linking and Unlinking Tables]


20. The Left and Right arrow tabs allow you to position the Floor Plan to the extreme left or extreme right of the screen.