Seating Walk-Ins

Add a Walk-In

Now, let’s add a walk-in. To do this, simply click the Walk-In/Call Ahead button on the top right menu bar.

This pulls up the Walk-In Information sheet, where you fill in the information of the walk-in guest, such as his or her name. If this walk-in guest has been a previous guest, his or her information would be in our database and would automatically populate the rest of the information sheet. We now have to add the cover size, and add a wait quote. We may also add a hint. 

Then click Next to bring up the second part of the information sheet.


It is here where we can select the server. There are also color cues, different occasions and the preferred table location we can select for this guest.



When all information has been filled in, we can click on Add Walk-In


This will now bring back the Floor Plan, where the Walk-In guest information now shows up on the upper left hand side.

And the walk-in guest is now registered in the system.