Preassigning Reservations

Pre-Assigning Reservations


Whenever you have reservations lined up, it is a good practice to pre-assign these to a table. Pre-assigning a reservation to a table lets you know where your guests are going and at what time, so you do not get overwhelmed as the restaurant fills up.

To pre-assign a reservation to a table on the floor plan, simply drag and drop the reservation to the preferred table, and it is done.

Note that we can assign up to four [4] reservations, or turns, to a single table.

You don’t have to worry about pre-assigning a second, third or fourth turn to the same table, as the TableWatch has a built-in program which prevents the pre-assignment of another turn to the same table, if there is not enough time for the previous turn to finish dining.


When the error message shows, click on OK to return to the Floor Plan


In such cases, the other reservation may be pre-assigned to another table.