Modify server sections

Modifying Server Sections

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Modifying Server Sections may mean changing the color of the section, and adding to or removing tables from a section.

1. To change the color of the Server Section, we need to change the color cue of the server. In this example, we want to change the yellow-green color of the section to make it more distinct from the server section with the color green. To do this, click the Tools icon.




2. A small window called Staff Details pulls up on the screen. Click Edit Sections.




3.  The screen goes to the Section Setup. Here, click the color cue you want to change, In this example, it is the yellor-green color cue for server Alam Sams.




4, Again,  a mini window comes up on the screen. In this. only the details for the server whose color cue you want to change. Click the color icon.




5. A small color-selection field will pull up. Simply click and drag the selector to the color you want to change the server color cue to.




6.  Then, click Save.





7. The screen returns to the Section Setup, and here you will see that that the color cue for server Alan Sams has changed from yellow-green to blue.




8.  To go back to the main screen, click the server's name.     

9. On the next screen. you will see that the color cue for the server, and the color of the server section are still yellow green. Simply click all the tables in the server section concerned.




10. As you click on the tables, their color changes from yellow-green to blue. and in the reservation log, you will also note the server's color cue has now become blue. It has also made the server section more distinct from the other server sections.




11, Another modification that may be made to a server section is the addition or removal of tables from the section. To add a table or tables to a server section, simply click the color cue of the server whose section you want to add tables to, then click the tables you want to add to that server section.








12. We can also remove tables from a server section. To do so, simply click the color cue of the server whose section you want to remove tables from. Then. click  the tables in the same section you want removed.






13. The important thing to remember is, when you click on a  server's color cue then click a table of the same color, it will remove that table from the server section, while if you click on a table with no or different color, that table will be added to the server section.  You can actually add then remove, or remove then add, tables to a section with just a single click on the corresponding server color cue.