Check Your Change Log

Check Your Change Log

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1. On the top right, click the arrow:

2. Click on "Tc" icon on the top left:

3. Click "Ad" this will take you to the Restaurant Summary:

4. Click on the "Restaurant Information" tab 

5. On the right, click "Change Log"

6. To see the changes made in the log, you will first need to add a start and end date. You can do so by clicking on the calendar icon on both:

Select the end date:

7. You can see the date, the meal period, who made the update, property and action:

8. Go back through the pages on the bottom right for later changes:

9. When you are done reviewing the change log, on the top right click on the "X" box

10. To get back to TableConnect, click the "Ad" box on the top left:

11. Click on the "Tc" that will take you back to TableConnect:

That is how you check your Change Log.