Guest Requests


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1.  On the restaurant home page, click “Ad”. This will bring you to the Admin page On the Admin page, on the left hand margin, click “Guests”. A drop-down menu will appear. This contains a. Guest Types, b. Guest Status, c. Guest Requests, d. Color Cues, e. Custom Table Status, and f. Reservation Source


2. For metrics purposes, we can set the various requests that guests may possibly make, similar, but not limited, to the examples given below:





3.  As with the settings in Guest Types, each setting here can be enabled or disabled, and made public or not public. 





4.  Let's try to edit a setting. In this example, let's saw we have two window sections.  In order to distinguish between  the two, we will change "Window" to "Window 1"




5.  When we're done making the change, we can click on "Save".





6.  A green bar appears on the top right of the screen which says "Success! Data saved successfully."