Activate or deactivate a floorplan

Activate Or Deactivate A Floor plan

Watch Video: 



1. You can see the different active rooms below the floor plan:


2. On the top right, click the blue and white arrow icon to drop down the "Administrator" and "EventPlanner" icons:

3. Click on the "Tc" icon:

4. Click on the "Ad" icon to go into the Administrator module: 

5. Click "Select Room" to select a floorplan to deactivate:

6. Select the floor plan you would like to deactivate. In this case, we've chosen Valentine's Day:


7. Click "Edit Room":

8.To deactivate the room, Click "Status": 

9. Under "Status" Change the room from "Public" to "Private":

*If you need to activate a floor plan all you have to do is follow the steps but switch the room from "private" to "Public"*

10. Click "Add Room":

11. Once you have Clicked "Add Room" if completed properly, to the top right a green "successfully Saved" tab will appear:


12. Now that the room is successfully saved, you can see the room is now set in "Private":

13. Now the verify that the floorplan is deactivated, Go back up the "Ad" icon and click "Tc" to go back into TableConnect:

14. Now you can verify the Valentine's Day floor plan is no longer activated:

15. That is how to successfully Deactivate a floor plan.