How Meal Periods work

How Meal Periods Work

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1. Meal Periods work as your hours of operation and how many guests can be served set with your Inventory.  On this page, you set up the Meal Period's Start and End Time, if it requires a credit card and the Set Display Order. The Start and End date is when the Meal Period begins and when it ends. If it is a normal Meal Period such as a Lunch or Dinner, you do not have to put an end date. That keeps it available. If you want reservations to be available online. You can this off and on from the toggle. This can help with overbooking. Lastly on this page, Set Display Order is the order that your Meal Period is displayed on the TableConnect screen.

*If you require a Credit Card, on the far right of the Hourly Inventory page, there is a column called, 'CC Cnt' this is how many guests until you require a credit card. 


2. On this page, by setting the times, you are setting your hours of operation for your Meal Period. i.e if you are setting a lunch, and you set the hours for that Meal Period Start time as 11AM and End Time as 4PM then guests can only make reservations for lunch in-between those times.

3. Here you will add your Hourly Inventory. Your hourly inventory is how many Guests you can take per top. such as, 4 1-2 tops or 3 2-4 tops you have available in the restaurant

4. Set up your Dining Duration, This is the Guest estimated seating time that guests will be at the table

5. This is the Meal Point's overview. You can still make adjustments if needed.

6.  Once you save the Meal Period, on the top right, a green "Success!" bar will appear. This shows that your Meal Period is successfully saved and added: