Create a floorplan

Create a Floor Plan
Watch Video: 


1. On the top of the screen, Click on "Add Room":

2. Click "Features" to add the Room's Features i.e. What the room is used for and details:

3. Next, Click on the "Status" tab. That will  let you pick who sees it, decide whether its Private, Public or a Template (the Template is also private):


4. Move over to the "Order" tab. This allows you add where the floor plan of the room you are creating is in your Restaurant. i.e. The lobby, kitchen, backroom etc.:

5. Click "Add Room" This will open up your Room so you can start creating your chosen room:

6. Click, Drag and Drop the Tables to your desired location:

7. After you drop the Tables where you want them, it will have you enter the table number and then click "Ok":


8. You can add as many tables as you need to fit your Restaurant's Floor Plan:


9. While you are mirroring your Restaurant's Floor Plan, you can stretch and drag the tables to better match your tables sizes:

10. Utilizing your Side Tool Bar on the right, you can rotate your tables to match your Restaurant's Floor Plan:


11. You can add more than just tables, you can add Light and Temperature Sensors:


12. You also number the Light and Temperature Sensors so there's less confusion in case that you have multiple sensors:

13. When you're done creating your Floor Plan, your Room is automatically saved:


Priority Settings:


Optional Settings: