Update team member

Update Team Member

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1. To update a team member's information, go to your Admin page then click "Staff".



2.  The Staff page comes up on the screen. Click "List All".


3, This pulls up the list of all staff members. On the search bar, fill in the name of the staff member whose information you need to update.


4.  When the name of the staff member comes up[, click the check box, then click "Edit".




5.  The  staff member's information comes up on the screen. You can now fill in additional infomation or make changes to existing data.


6.  For example, we can change an incorrect address, or put in comments.





7, When all the proper changes have been made, click on  "Save Employee".



8, A green message box will come up on the screen, saying "Success! Data Saved Succesfully!"