Personal Dining Profiles

Personal Dining Profiles

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Personal Dining Profile from RestaurantConnect on Vimeo.


1. Log into your Personal Dining Profile. Just enter your credentials and click "Sign In":

2. Click on 'Personal Preferences On RestaurantConnect' on the left:

3. From your Personal Dining Profile, you can add Special Events and Dates:

You can see Upcoming Reservations:

Also Previous Reservations:

You can see your Favorite Restaurants:

You can see restaurant's news and events:

You also can see any Promos that restaurants are promoting:

Connect with your family and friends:

Connect with friends and family by entering their information on this page. Enter accordingly and also send an invite on the bottom right:

On your Personal Dining Profile, you can upload a profile picture:

You can upload your profile picture here. Drag and drop your photo or browse your documents here:

You can edit your mobile phone number, email and change your password here by clicking on the 'pencil icon'

That is your Personal Dining Profile!