Remove system access

Remove System Access


Watch Video:

Remove Admin Access.mp4 from RestaurantConnect on Vimeo.



1.  On the restaurant home page, click on the "Ad" icon to go to the Admin page.


2. On the Admin page, click on "Staff" on the left hand margin



3. On the Staff page, click on "List All"



4. On the search field, fill in the name of the staff member from whom you want to remove System Access.


5. Click the checkbox to the left of the staff member's name.


6. Then click the Edit icon across the name.



7. On the Contact Info page, click on System Access



8. On the System Access page, you can toggle off the staff member's system access to the property member currently has access to.


9. A green box will come up on the top right corner of the screen saying "Success! Property successfully removed."




The staff member's system access to the property has been removed.