Add system access

Add System Access

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1. On the left, go to "Staff":

2. Select the category the staff is under. If you are unsure which category the staff member is under, you can select "List All" it also could save time:

3. Enter the staff's name here:

4. Click the pencil icon to edit the staff's system access:

5. On the top left, click  the "system Access":

6. You can adjust the staff's "System Access" from this screen

7. Click on the toggle to grey it out for the restaurant to restrict access:

8. When the toggle is orange, the staff member has access:

9. You can grant the level of access you want to give here with

0- Administer Access

1- Manager Access

2- Host Level Access

3- View Only 

10. After modifying anything on this page, The system automatically saves after each action done on this page:

You have successfully completed "Add System Access"