Update a floorplan

Update a Floorplan


Watch Video:



1. On the left tabs, click on the "Floorplan":

2.Select the Room you would like to modify/update:

Display of the Rooms list

3. Make any modifications you need from this screen such as, switching, changing, rotating and removing or adding tables from this screen:

4. If you are adding a table, add the table number here:

5. Your table number will appear here and you can adjust the number at anytime:

6. You can make your "Table Properties" adjustments here on the right. Make adjustments such as Table Numbers, Omnivore Seating ID, Seating Priority, Min and Max Covers, Align, Table Type, etc.:

7. When you are done with your Floorplan Update, On the top left, Click on the Building Icon to take you back to your Restaurant's page