Add a regular meal period

Add a Regular Meal Period 

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Adding A Meal Period from RestaurantConnect on Vimeo.


1. Click on "Company" on the left columns:


2. Click on "Meals" just beneath "Company":

3. Add the name of the Meal Period and click the Check Mark box:

4. Click "Save"

5. Once the Meal Period is saved, it will be added to the list just below "Add Meal Period". Make sure your Meal Period is Enabled. You can see this by whether the check mark is highlighted or not:

6. Go up to "Meal Periods" then to "regular" tab:

7. Once the Meal Period is saved and enabled the Meal Period will be in the Regular Meal Periods page. Go to the Pencil Icon to Edit the Meal Period:

8. If this is Meal Period does not have an ending, you dont have to put an end date. Click the toggle to turn off the End Date:

9. If you want to make you Meal Period reservations available online, click the toggle:

10. Set the "Set Display Order". This will change your Meal Period placement on TableWatch:

11.Click "Next" to move on to the next page:

12. Set your Meal Period scheduled hours up for each day by clicking the Clock Icon and then using the dropdown arrows:

13. Click on the Clipboard Icon to copy the previous hours. That will work anytime the Clipboard Icon is present:

14. Click "Next" to move on:

15. Set up your Meal Period's In-House and Online Inventory here:

16. Set up your Meal Duration up here:

17. On this page you can see the overview of your Meal Period. You can sit make changes on this page:

18. Once you are done with your Meal Period setup, click "Save Meal" on the overview page and that will save the Meal Period:

You have successfully Created a Regular Meal Period!