Remove or discontinue a meal period

Remove or Discontinue a Meal Period

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1.  On the left, Click "Meal Periods"

2. On the left, click 

3. You can simply just click on the "X box" to remove the Meal Period but that is not ideal because if you delete it you will lose the Meal Period data:

After you click the "X Box" click "OK" on the pop-up message to delete the Meal Period:

4. Click "Add Special Meal Period":

5. Enter your Meal Name here:

6. Select the Meal Period that is going to be replaced:

7.Make your Meal Period available for Internet Reservations:

8. Make your Meal Period require a credit card by clicking the toggle:

9. Enter the Start Dates and End Date:


10. Move your Meal Period up in "Set Display Order:

11. Add the "Start Time":

Add "End Time":

12. Set up your meal period inventory on this page:

13. On this screen, it gives you the meal period overview:

To remove or discontinue a meal period you can either delete it from the Meal Period screen which would delete the meal period's data or you can add an end date in the Setup which would end the Meal Period.