Add a special meal period

Add A Special Meal Period

​​​​​​Watch video: 

special meal period setup from RestaurantConnect on Vimeo.


1. On the Admin screen, to the left Click on, "Meal Periods":

2. That will drop down three different options. In this case, Click "Special":

3. On the top right, Click "Add Special Meal Period": 


4. From this next page, enter your Custom Meal name:

5. you enter the Meal Period you would like to Replace:

6. You select the Dining Duration:

7. If you would like your Special Meal Period to have Online Reservations Available you can by clicking this toggle:

8. Create the date you would like your dinner to start and end on:


9. Select the Set Display Order by clicking and dragging the Special Meal Period in the order it

10. On this screen, You will add the time you want your Special Meal Period to start and also end as well:


The End Time:

11. Click "Next" to move to the next step:

12. This is where you set up your Special Meal Period's Inventory:

Verify to make sure your inventory is accurate and then click, "Save Meal"


Priority Settings:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Inventory

Optional Settings:

  • Auto-Assign: Let RestaurantConnect choose a table when a reservation is booked.
  • Quick Requests: Reduce repetitive typing with predefined keywords.
  • Auto-Agreement: Trigger a reservation for larger parties.
  • Taken-by: Require a user's name or initials for better operational accountability.
  • Permissions: Enable or restrict user's ability to exceed inventory limits.
  • Tax reservation confirmations & reminders: Enable text communications with guests.
  • Reservation policy: Include in guest communications for reservation confirmations and reminders.