Modify a reservation

1.  To make changes to a reservation, click on the time on the upper left hand field…


2.  And when the Reservation information window comes up, click the calendar icon on the upper right portion of the screen, 


3.  And on the calendar, click the date that the guest wants to transfer the reservation to…

In this example, the guest wants to change her reservation from the 16th to the 23rd of the month…

4.  You may also click on the party size field if you need to change the number of persons on that reservation,

and you may also change other information as necessary. Be sure to send a confirmation e-mail to the guest to remind her of the changes that have been made to her reservation. 

5.  When all changes are done, click on “Next'' at the bottom right corner of the screen, 


6.  And it should bring up another screen where you can modify other information already on the reservation. 


7.  When that is done, be sure to fill in your initials in the field that says “Updated by”.


8.  Then click on the orange “Update Reservation” tab at the bottom right of the window.. 

9.  The system will then update,  and after it  returns to the TableWatch screen, you will notice that the reservation is no longer on the previous date it was scheduled for, the 16th, 


10.  Click on the date field to bring up the calendar, and click on the 23rd, the date the reservation has been moved to


11.  And you should be able to see the reservation on that date, and when you do, that means the reservation has been moved successfully.