How do I prevent overbooking?

How do I prevent overbooking

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1. Go to the "Meal Periods" bar:

2. Click on "Regular"

3. Click "Edit"

4. Click "Next" until you get to your "Inventory" page:

5. Once you are on your "Inventory" page, you can prevent overbooking from In-house and Online. This Inventory number lets you set a limit on how many covers each top can have:

6. Once you are done with your Inventory, click "Next" on the top right

7. You can set up the "Dining Duration" for your Meal Period here. A Dining Duration estimates how long guests will be at a top:

8. This is an Overview of your meal Period. you can see your Meal Period's Start and End date, and your Inventory for last minute adjustments, if your Meal Period is available online before you finish it.

9. Save Meal when you are done. 

10. Another way to Prevent Overbooking is the Auto-Seating. Go to "Settings"

11.  Click "Dining Assistant" 

12. At the bottom of the page, there is Auto-Assign Features. Auto-Assign Features automatically assign parties to the tables that match the number of tops. for an example, a party of 2 would be seated at a 1-2 top and a party of 3 would get seated at a 3-4 top. If there are no more tops available then they cant be seated. This prevents Overbooking.