How do people find my restaurant?

How do people find my restaurant?

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Aside from searching for your Restaurant by name online, people can also be directed to your restaurant's website by going to your restaurant's social media webpages, like your Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc., pages. 

1.  To list your restaurant's social media webpages on your homepage, on your restaurantconnect home page, click on the Admin icon.



2. On the Admin page, on the left hand margin, click "Settings", then on the dropdown menu, click "Widgets and Listings: 



3. On Widgets and Listings, in the Restaurant Information page, you can put in information about certain topics that will appear in your restaurant website, like a write-up on the restaurant's "Daily Special", or "About the Restaurant", etc.



4. At the bottom part of this page is where you can fill in the website addresses, or URLs of the restaurant's social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.


5. When a;; the information have been filled in, click "Save".