What other specs do we need to run RestaurantConnect?

What Specs do we Need to Run RestaurantConnect?







1.  Hardware: The TableWatch program requires a computer terminal with a minimum of 500 MB of RAM and
a processor speed in excess of 1.5 GHZ:


                                  Mac Operating System                                                                                                                                 Windows Operating System

2. Internet: Use an internet speed test to test your system’s Download & Upload Speeds. Also note, that if
your restaurant allows guests to connect to the same network your system is running on, you
will be subject to poor system performance at times when guests are connecting as well.

Follow this link to test your internet speeds: www.speedtest.net

1. Once you are on www.speedtest.net, click on the center circle "GO" button:

2. After the speed test is done, it will show you PING ms, DOWNLOAD Mbps and UPLOAD Mbps:

*Minimum Download Speed required is 5 Mbps.
*Minimum Upload Speed required is 1.5 Mbps.

Important Note: If you use Internet Security Software, such as Norton or McAfee, you may need to allow
RestaurantConnect to access the Internet. The software may automatically prompt you for
permission or you may have to manually assign internet access permissions to
RestaurantConnect.exe. Please do not hesitate to call for assistance.