Text a guest when table is ready

Text a Guest When Their Table Is Ready
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1. From the MDR screen, your reservation:
2. Make your Reservations from here as you normally would by filling out the Location, Shift, Table, Agreement, Date, Party Size, Time, Status, and Confirmed:
3. Fill out Guest's Mobile Phone number. If there is no mobile number then the guest will not receive the reservation text message:
5. Click the toggle to enable text notifications:
5. Click the toggle to enable text notifications. If this is not turned on, the Guest will not receive text notifications:
6. Fill out who the reservations were taken by. You must fill this out before making the reservation. This is for record keeping
7. From this page, fill out any notes taken from the guest:
8. Click "Create Reservation to finish the reservation:
The Guest will receive a text message with the reservation link:
Once the Guest clicks the link they will be brought to reservation page:
You have successfully Text a Guest when Their Table is Ready