Modify a walk-in

                               Modify A Walk-In

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1. To Modify a Walk-In Click on Guest's Tab:

2.  Once you are in the "Walk-In" Screen, You can make the modifications that you need to make:

3. Make the changes that you need. You can also access the Guest's "Additional Info, Guest Profile, Feedback & Rating and Other Details.":

4. When you are done with your modifications, you can Click "Update Walk-In" to update your Walk-In or for more options, Click "Next" to proceed to the next screen:

5.  From this screen you have more specific options to better personalize your guest's profile such as their seating preference, if they are celebrating an event etc.:


6. When you are finished with your Walk-In modification, Click "Update Walk-In":

7. Your walk-In modification is complete.

Priority Settings:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Inventory

Optional Settings:

  • Auto-Assign: Let RestaurantConnect choose a table when a reservation is booked.
  • Quick Requests: Reduce repetitive typing with predefined keywords.
  • Auto-Agreement: Trigger a reservation for larger parties.
  • Taken-by: Require a user's name or initials for better operational accountability.
  • Permissions: Enable or restrict user's ability to exceed inventory limits.
  • Tax reservation confirmations & reminders: Enable text communications with guests.
  • Reservation policy: Include in guest communications for reservation confirmations and reminders.