How do I set up regular hours of operation?

How Do I Set Up Regular Hours Of Operation?

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You can set up your regular hours of operation by setting up your Meal periods, When you set up your Meal Periods thru the app, you can set your regular hours of operation. You can also set up special meal periods where you can set up special hours of operation.



1. On the left, click on "Company":

2. Under the "Company" tab, "Meals":

3. Fill in "Add Meal Period" box:

4. After entering the Meal Period's title , click the check the box:

5. Click "Save":

6. No go to "Meal Period" tab:

7. Click "Regular" to set up regular meal period:

8.  Click "Edit" to personalize your meal period:

9. Add the date you would like your meal period to last until:

10. Check the toggle to make your meal period available online, this is optional:


11. Move your meal period to the first slot in the "Set Display Order":


12. After clicking "Next", on the next page Add the Hours Of Operation for each day:

13. you can copy the previous day's hours of operation by clicking the "Clipboard":

14. Click "Next" when you are done:

15. Set up your restaurant's Inventory on this page:

16. Like the Hours Of Operation on the previous page screen, you can copy the inventory by clicking the clipboard:

17. On the next screen, set the dining duration:

18. When you are done, click "Save Meal" :

That is how you set up regular hours of operation.